Frequently Asked Questions by Members

It is an innovative platform, in which members benefit from discounts in the form of a cash back, to the credit/debit card used to pay for their purchases from contracted businesses.
With our smart mobile application, members can choose the type of purchases, the area and the level of the discount they want from the list of contracting companies using the pre-selection criteria on the integrated map of the application.
With a simple registration process in the application and the declaration of the card that will be used for the payments of the purchases and the receipt of the cash back.
The payment processing company (JCC) needs it to recognize at the payment stage that the holder is a member of Buyway365, and that the process of refunding the discount will be seamless without the need for any action or identification at the time of transaction.
You do NOT need to state your status and the right to a discount at any stage of the process. At the stage of payment with your card, the recognition and refund process are done automatically.
Buyway ebiz Ltd is a company registered in Cyprus and adheres to all security and personal protection protocols, as stipulated by both national and European legislation.
With the payment, members receive a notification through the application for the amount of the discount. The refund is made by JCC at the end of the day unless a weekly or monthly refund period is selected.

A number of reasons including inter alia:

  • Save money from discounts offered by contracted businesses.
  • There is no commitment by using the application.
  • Easy search for contracted businesses.
  • Instant access to information about contracted businesses.
  • Contact information.
  • Discount rate offered and other benefits.
  • Description of the company and access to additional information as digitally displayed by the company.
  • Simple and easy application.
The market is classified into 7 main categories, which cover the full range of needs, such as accommodation, food and beverage, consumer products, services, travel and transport and activities.
There is no subscription or registration fee. A small amount for processing and management costs will be withheld from the refund to the card holder.

Frequently Asked Questions by Businesses

Your participation in the platform by offering an attractive discount, gives you access to the large consumer family of Buyway365.
Each Company has the right to determine the percentage of the Discount to offer! The platform offers the flexibility to choose from 1% to 100%. Of course, the amount of the discount is an important factor for the choice of the business by the consumer.
We seek the highest -quality possible for participation in the platform. The contracted companies can be entities that meet our quality criteria and create additional value with the offered discount.
The payment method by Buyway365 members does not change in anyway. All actions are performed automatically during the processing of the transaction by JCC.
The necessary tax documents (credit notes) will be issued and sent to the company electronically.
  • No financial burden. It is offered for free to the contracted businesses.
  • Increases the chances of attracting customers through the application (local consumers and foreign visitors).
  • It is advertised without being financially burdened.
  • The transaction process is simple and fast.
  • No special technical knowledge is required to complete the transaction.
  • No additional equipment, membership card issuance or other time-consuming and expensive operations are required from the company, since the application works on any type of smartphone (Android or IOS).
  • Every company has the full freedom and absolute control in real time to manage the percentage of the Discount that it can or wants to allocate (from 1% – 100%).
  • Each company selects and manages in real time the days, products or services it wants to offer at a discount (7-day notice to change the discount).
  • Has control over management of its real-time profile “online” (photographic material, logo or message, contract details, available links).
  • Appears on the map of all members of the Buyway365 application based on their location and business category of interest.
  • It offers the ability to be viewed and be presented through the “website” and all the “social media” that participates (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.)
  • Our application works with electronic location tracking tools for easy access.
  • All the necessary accounting documents are sent to the company.
  • Minimum time and details are required for registration.
  • It is a simple and safe application.
  • The Buyway365 application is offered and operates with full transparency for each user.
  • The company registers in a secure banking money transfer system, JCC (security, immediacy).
  • Automated reports with information and analysis on both customer and market trends.
  • Access to monthly market analysis reports.
  • Access to monthly reports on new technologies and techniques.
  • Newsletter.
  • Controlled competition (Limited number of companies in the same category in the same location).
  • Possibility of notifications of special offers to consumers who have expressed interest to receive.
  • Additional benefit due to the strategic partnership of the platform with media and advertising companies with parallel goals.
  • Increase customer base with foreign visitors who will potentially contribute significantly.

Ασφαλείς συναλλαγές μέσω

H JCC αποτελεί κορυφαία επιλογή για ασφαλείς αγορές, προσφέροντας ασφάλεια, αξιοπιστία και υψηλό επίπεδο εξυπηρέτησης.
Μετά την ολοκλήρωση των αγορών σας, σας επιστρέφονται χρήματα την επόμενη κιόλας μέρα.

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